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Hello! Would you like to reach your full musical potential whilst being guided and taught in a supportive, educational and friendly way? I believe you are in the right place!
Now accepting new students for Summer 2023! (June, July, August)

Learning the flute and any musical instrument in the beginning can be intimidating at first: not being sure on how to achieve a clear sound, having trouble with holding the flute comfortably and maintaining a correct posture, trying to improve the finger technique with the synchronicity of the fingers and the list goes on. Since every single professional musician has started at point 0 and steadily practiced their way to where they are now, it is important for every teacher to connect themselves to that feeling when they were going through the exact same thing to be able to successfully transfer their knowledge to the student. If you are at any level of flute playing, from being an ultra beginner or even at an advanced level, I would love to be able to help you on your musical journey!

As a teacher, I will be right there next to you throughout your unique music adventure through constantly challenging you with the goal of you reaching your highest musical potential. The best part of all? Everything will be achieved through a positive, uplifting and inspiring work atmosphere!

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